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Le Gumball 3000 passera par la Core du Nord en 2008

Pour clbrer son dixime anniversaire le Gumball 3008 sera un venement mondial et ira des Etats Unis, dpart San Francisco, jusqu'en Chine avec une arrive Pkin lors des jeux olympiques...

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Le Gumball 3000 oublie l'Europe (La fin du Gumball 2007) et change de logo pour l'dition 2008. Les concurrents vont tre surpris puisqu'ilsdevront aligner des voitures propres et auront descrdits de CO2 conomiser durant l'preuve. Il n'y aura plus de points de passage respecter et de classement l'arrive...

Le rally sera l'invit officiel du gouvernement Nord Coren pendant son tape Pyonyanget assistera auxMass Games...

Les droits d'entres s'levent cette anne plus de 100000 euros et de nombreux quipages ont dj choisi de ne pas participer l'venement...

Le communiqu de presse officiel en anglais:

Gumball 2008 Announcement!

To celebrate Gumball 3000s 10th Anniversary rally, in 2008 we are embarking upon creating the ultimate rally of the future from San Francisco to Beijing incorporating a true once in a lifetime (no cars) check point in North Korea !!!!!

The eight-day 3000-mile route will embrace the contrasting cultures of the east and west, whilst also uniting over 40 nationalities of participants taking part, and truly benchmarking itself at the forefront of partying, exploring, and the promotion of eco friendly transportation. 120 of the worlds most amazing vehicles will participate, and as well as the usual display of stunning supercars, the 2008 Gumball will also showcase and encourage vehicles pushing the technological boundaries to create an environmentally friendly and safer future.

Having pro actively supported the use of green fuels for the past 4 years, highlighted by film star Daryl Hannah participating in 2005 using only 100% bio-diesel, and a Peterbilt Truck using only potato oil from San Francisco to Miami in 2003, along with numerous other bio-diesel, electric and hybrids taking part. In 2008 Gumball has made the decision to become completely carbon neutral, and will offset its complete carbon footprint made by the participating supercars and aeroplane transportation, as well as promoting and encouraging the use of as many environmentally friendly futuristic vehicles using fuel cells, hydrogen, batteries and other sustainable technologies.

This will be the ultimate adventure and clashes of culture, following partying in San Diego, the rally will set off in front of millions driving via Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas visiting several world renown race tracks along the way. Then after partying in Vegas all the cars will then be flown in our Russian cargo planes to Shanghai. Whilst the drivers make their journey to North Koreas undiscovered stunning capital, Pyongyang, to watch next years Mass Games inside the insane May Day gold plated 250,000 seater stadium as VIP guests of the North Korean Government. This will be a sight in itself. Though that is not all, once we get back in our drivers seats in Shanghai we will make a 2 day journey to Beijing for the 2008 Olympic Games.

Following this years accident, weve had a long and hard think about how to positively amend and adapt the concept of the rally without stifling its unique freedom of spirit, concept and adventurous characteristics, whilst continuing to make it ground breaking in its cultural diversity, as well as keeping its multi national and diverse demographical appeal; and of course doing what we can to make it as safe as possible, exploring numerous ways of setting up precautions that can offer both participants, sponsors and the public confidence that the odds against such an accident happening again are decreased, whilst also trying to assure that the Gumballers and fans can enjoy the individual spirit, eccentricity, glamour, fun and adventure that has become integral with Gumball over its successful nine year history.

With that in mind, I believe that we have come up with a route and concept that will be both politically, geographically and environmentally ground breaking; and as well as incorporating some of the most influential and culturally diverse cities of the world, with shorter drives and even better parties, the event will also be 100% carbon neutral, and a platform for automotive manufacturers to showcase their futuristic environmentally friendly vehicles.

Unfortunately with only 100 limited exclusive places on the grid, its going to be inevitable that many people wont be able to take part so please inform us as soon as possible if youd like to, so we can cater to past Gumballer alumni before we let newcomers onto the grid. As you can imagine, this route will appeal to people all over the world that would perhaps have never thought to do a rally previously, as this will be the first time in history that members of all nations will be allowed to visit and party in North Korea!

I hope this has wet your appetite for adventure and as mentioned more details will follow at the end of this month. The date is still tbc although its scheduled to take place later than normal in the late summer (mid August) to coincide with the Mass Games and the Beijing Olympic Games.

The cost of the 2008 Tenth Anniversary Rally is 60,000 (50,000 for Gumballers) which includes all flights (for both you and your vehicle), 5 star Accomodation, Food and Incredible parties during the period of the Rally.

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Pour clbrer son dixime anniversaire le Gumball 3008 sera un venement mondial et ira des Etats Unis, dpart San Francisco, jusqu'en Chine avec une arrive Pkin lors des jeux olympiques...

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